LimbPower exist to engage amputees and individuals with limb impairments in regular and sustained participation in physical activity, sport and art to improve their quality of life and to aid physical, social and psychological rehabilitation. This requires a number of different approaches and interventions. Publications form an important part of this strategy, giving individuals the information they need to empower them to take control of their own health.


Inclusion of Swimmers with a Disability

Inclusion of Swimmers with a Disability - This publication contains information on teaching swimmers with a disability.

LimbPower’s Running Blade Guide

LimbPower’s Running Blade Guide - Information and advice - Running Blades

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2013

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2013 - 40 Page Guide To Sport For The Amputee And Ambulant Disabled.

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2012

LimbPower Sport 2012 - 40 Page guide to sport for the amputee and ambulant disabled.

Amputee Guide Fit for Life

Amputee Guide Fit for Life - A Guide For Adults With An Amputation.

Being Active Report

An every day guide for people living with an impairment or health condition.