Educational Toolkits

Other the next three years LimbPower are producing three Toolkits to support amputees, individuals with limb impairments, their coaches and healthcare professionals as they engage in physical activity and sport.

The ABC Tooklit is aimed at primary amputees, individuals with limb impairments and those wanting to get back to their impairment fitness. The focus is on weight management, health and nutrition, agility, balance and co-ordination and strength and conditioning. This is due in March 2016.

The DE Toolkit is dedicated to development and education. LimbPower are focusing on the four activities amputees and individuals with limb impairments engage with; walking, running, cycling and swimming.This toolkit is for the individual taking part, their coach or personal trainer and the healthcare professional who support them. This is Due October 2016.

The FG Toolkit is about focus and goal setting. Once active how do we remain motivated, how do we deal with barriers and set backs and keep going. This Toolkit is Due March 2017.